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Women Weightlifters

August 20th, 2009 No comments

Weightlifting women have various reasons for their exercise regime.
Contrary to what some people believe, weightlifting is not just for men. Many people thought that women should only use equipment like exercise bikes and treadmills in their exercise routine. Many opinions have changed.

Actually weightlifting can be as important to a woman’s health as aerobic exercise. There are many myths and truths concerning the outcome of women lifting weights. Lifting weights will not cause a woman to be mistaken for a man because a woman does not naturally produce serum testosterone, which is necessary to add substantial bulk.

Lifting weights will not make a woman look fat or less flexible. Another myth is that a woman should only use weights that are very light. That is not true because muscles react to resistance. The body cannot change if resistance is too light. Weightlifting women can benefit from lifting weights because it aids in weight loss and boosts their metabolism. Lifting weights allows a woman to have a toned and sculpted body, while building stronger muscles and bones. Building bone density and strength will aid in a woman’s fight against osteoporosis. These benefits will cause a woman to look and feel better.

Yvette Bova and Lynn McCrossin

August 10th, 2009 1 comment

Yvette Bova and Lynn McCrossin have been spending a lot of time together in the gym, so much they started to fall for each other.

My Huge Clit has the hottest new photos straight from the change room where these busty female bodybuilders take their relationship to the next level. Watch these gorgeous bodybuilder lesbians make out, play with each others tits, and lick pussy. Yvette Bova is getting busy as Lynn McCrossin lays on her back spread out wide while her girlfriend munches on her rug. She moans as her tongue bangs her slit and pleasures her sensitive clitoris.

YvetteBova & LynnMcCrossin

YvetteBova & LynnMcCrossin

Even though the cameras are rolling these girls are far from camera shy!
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Physique Contests For Women

August 9th, 2009 No comments

Think bodybuilding is simply just for men? Well, you are horribly wrong, kind one! There are many women bodybuilders all around the world and country. In fact, they even hold many physique contests for women. Here is some information on them.

To enter a physique contest for women, one must be physically fit above average. I’m talking thousands of crunches and push-ups, and just plain ripped! The judges will rate you by your physical appearance while you wear a bikini, exposing your muscles. There will also be a talent portion of the competition where you can do a dance number, sing a song, or perform anything else that you think that you have talent for. The judging is harsh, so you really have to give it your all, and then some! In most cases, there are seventeen spots to place in. Seventeen being last place and one being first place. All placers get a trophy, and the top three usually get prize money and a trophy. If you get first place, they usually send you to the next higher competition.

So, are you interested in physique contests for women? It is definitely worth a shot! Give it all you got, and make yourself proud!

Wendy Rider

August 5th, 2009 No comments

Wendy Rider is one of the hottest female body builders and pornstars in the world. This girl doesn’t go overboard with her bodybuilding and prefers to get toned to exhibit her muscles, but not turn into a man. She’s hot, glamorous and loves sex just as much as you. Check out as she takes off those polka dot bikini top and bottom and puts on a really kinky show for the My Huge Clit cameras!

Wendy Rider

Wendy Rider

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Shelly Fields

July 20th, 2009 1 comment

Shelly Fields deserves a special mention, so we decided to include her in this hot new update here at My Huge Clit.

Shelly Fields

Shelly Fields

This ebony female bodybuilder has won audiences and judges at many competitions, not because she has the best body per say but because of her personality.

With her career going haywire due to the economy, she has had to find other ways to support her family. The lovely Shelly Fields is here, stripping naked to show off her all natural ebony tits and tight yet nicely toned ass! This girl told us she doesn’t only like to get fucked in her pussy, she also loves to take it up her ass.

A big fan of anal sex, Shelly Fields has done it in many kinky places even her local gym where she hooked up with her personal trainer! Don’t tell this to her husband though, you wouldn’t want to get this gorgeous Ebony muscle lady in trouble at home. Instead, enjoy the wonderful pictures and exclusive video as this sexy black babe gets naked and puts on the hottest masturbation show before your eyes!

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Roxie Rain

July 12th, 2009 2 comments

Roxie Rain has the dreamiest eyes we’ve ever seen; they match her beautiful long dark hair! This brunette female body builder wanted to expand her career in these hard economic ties.

Roxie Rain

Roxie Rain

Armed with her beautiful body she came to My Huge Clit wanting to show off her perfect set of tits, and nicely toned buttocks. She was really shy but after a bit of convincing the devil got in this babe, and she was stripping and showing pink!

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This was the hottest live sex show any bodybuilder has ever put on before us. Her pussy started to drip cream and when she noticed the cocks rising in the room she gave everyone a gang bang blowjob. See the action in a high definition video file in the members area, it is hot and Roxie Rain amazing!

Is Female Bodybuilding Sexy?

July 8th, 2009 2 comments

Some women are stronger and more built up than men are these days. The professionals are called “bodybuilders”, female bodybuilders that is. There are many debates whether women bodybuilders are sexy, or just plain gross. So here are some key points on this topic. Is female bodybuilding sexy?

In all actuality, when the question of “is female bodybuilding sexy?” comes up in conversation, it truly just depends on the person’s point of view, what they are attracted to, and their taste. There will always be people who have different thoughts on this matter. Some people may in fact think that female bodybuilders are the most gorgeous women they have ever laid their eyes on, while others may think that they are completely disgusting. The saying is true. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

My take on this matter is that everyone is beautiful in their own way, whether it is with their looks, brains, personality, or humor. Everyone is beautiful. I can respect female bodybuilders for their courage and dedication. I would definitely be afraid to get on their bad side! So, after reading this, do you think female bodybuilding is sexy? It is truly up to you.

Rhonda Lee Quaresma

July 7th, 2009 2 comments

Rhonda Lee Quaresma is about to retire from body building, after all this MILF has been at it for many, many years now and needs a break.

Rhonda Lee Quaresma

Rhonda Lee Quaresma

She wants to try out in the world of muscle porn, and came to us at My Huge Clit wanting to show off her perfect ass, tight pussy and wonderful fake tits!

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Her moans can be heard, as she intensifies the rate her hands hammer her fuck hole; Rhonda Lee Quaresma is a really naughty slut who kept her instincts a secret until now. My Huge Clit has plenty of hot body building babes; and many friends of Rhonda Lee Quaresma baring it all, and getting naked in exclusive soft and hardcore scenes!

Yvette Bova

July 5th, 2009 1 comment

Porn Video from My Huge Clit star Yvette Bova.

Yvette Bova is a very prominent black female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris.

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Yvette Bova likes to get naked and suck dick before the camera.
In this porn video with Yvette, she gives head to a thick and long cock. You can see that the muscle cunt really enjoy her job!

Monica Martin

July 3rd, 2009 No comments

Monica Martin is exhausted from her latest bodybuilding competition, and invited us over but we came catching this bombshell in her beauty sleep!

Wearing lace lingerie she was spread out on the bed, with her incredible ass and strong legs and arms. We went behind her to catch a glimpse of her pussy and saw the nicest camel toe a man could ever want. After she woke up Monica Martin was very excited to see us. She flexed her muscles showing her incredible biceps and tri’s before bending over and tippy toeing to show off her perfectly developed calves!


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