Lauren Powers

| Lauren Powers

Lauren Powers is a MILF that has been working out for over 20 years now.

Her work definitely shows through her canvas, which has been through more pain than any other female bodybuilder I’ve seen to date! We’ve got the latest nude shots of Lauren Powers they sexy MILF female bodybuilder right here at My Huge Clit!

Watch as this sexy mama poses standing erect and flexingher incredible muscle mass for our cameras. Her nipples get hard from the action, and her pussy starts to exhibit signs of wetness. It doesn’t take much for us to convince her to get naked, spread out on the bed and start playing with her tight hole.

She smiles as she gets her favorite dildo and starts banging herself in and out, with her rhytm speeding up as she closes her eyes and images to be giving a blow job. Her moans intensify and she reveals that she’s imagining a young cock penetration her deeply.

After receiving a tip, she continues to see her orgasm by calling out the names of two imaginary lads gang bang double penetration her ass and pussy at the same time!
Lauren Powers is a nasty slut who has come a long way, and her body speaks the language of champions!

Lauren Powers

Lauren Powers

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