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Physique Contests For Women

| Female Muscle

Think bodybuilding is simply just for men? Well, you are horribly wrong, kind one! There are many women bodybuilders all around the world and country. In fact, they even hold many physique contests for women. Here is some information on them.

To enter a physique contest for women, one must be physically fit above average. I’m talking thousands of crunches and push-ups, and just plain ripped! The judges will rate you by your physical appearance while you wear a bikini, exposing your muscles. There will also be a talent portion of the competition where you can do a dance number, sing a song, or perform anything else that you think that you have talent for. The judging is harsh, so you really have to give it your all, and then some! In most cases, there are seventeen spots to place in. Seventeen being last place and one being first place. All placers get a trophy, and the top three usually get prize money and a trophy. If you get first place, they usually send you to the next higher competition.

So, are you interested in physique contests for women? It is definitely worth a shot! Give it all you got, and make yourself proud!

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