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Raven-haired female Bodybuilder Angela Salvagno

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Raven-haired Angela Salvagno tops the list for many muscle fetishists out there. Born in Willow, California and being the perfect mix of German, Italian and Native American, Angela started early in the world of sports and athletics. As a teenager, she was a great baseball player and even earned a Tae Kwon Do black belt.

My Huge Clit Features

She gets her amazing looks from what she began at the age of 16 though. She started lifting the weights and soon became addicted to the sheer burn of the lift. Now, she’s got the body and everyone knows it and she handles herself with the confidence of knowing she’s got one of the best bods on the web and doesn’t mind showing it off one bit.

Female BB Angela Salvagno in hot Black

Female BB Angela Salvagno in hot Black

Angela Salvagno’s Career

At the age of 16, Angela knew that she wanted to sculpt her bod, build her muscles and create a perfect, fit and healthy body. She started weight training and found she loved it so much and was so good at it, that she went into competition, showing just a few years after she started. She was the light-heavyweight champion and overall champion of the 2009 NPC USA Championship. She also won the light-heavyweight championship two years prior. Her career started in 1999 at Contra Costa. She took 2nd in the middleweight straight out of the gate and then went to Sacramento that same year and took first in heavyweight and was named overall champion.

Angela Salvagnos strong back

Angela Salvagnos strong back

Some of the other championships that Angela has competed in included: the 2000 Contra Consta, where she placed 2nd in Heavyweight, the 2001 NPC USA Championship, taking 5th in the middleweight class, the Nationals after that taking 16th in the heavyweight class. She also won the 2001 Ironman Competition winning 1st in heavyweight and overall champion. From 2002 to 2009, Angela competed every year in the NPC USA Championships and the Nationals. She competed in the middleweight and light-heavyweight classes, and was named the overall winner in the 2009 competition, plus winning first in the light-heavyweight category in 2006, 2007 and 2009. She competed in 2011’s IFBB Europa Battle of Champions as her last weightlifting competition.

Adult Activities

Bodybuilder Angela Salvagno nacked

Bodybuilder Angela Salvagno nacked

Angela knows how amazing her body is and she shows it off every chance she gets. Visiting her Twitter feed will certainly give you a great look at her tits almost daily, and she is in videos and on porn sites all over the internet, doing everything you would want to see her do. With her amazing body and all of the sexy stuff that she’s into, she’s sure to tickle your fantasy, whatever it might be. You can check out her pictures online and take an in-depth look at this muscular hottie’s body below. She makes bodybuilder fetishists fall down and worship at her feet with her amazing back, lats, stomach, chest and ass, and even more.

Angela’s Body

If you like women with wide backs, ripped shoulders and heavy muscle definition in the upper torso, you’ll love Angela Salvagno. This brunette beauty measures five-foot-four and weighs around 155 to 160 pounds. She has a 38D chest, 28-inch waist and 33-inch hips. This woman has the perfect body in every way, starting with her raven-black hair that cascades down her face and back, to her incredibly beautiful face that looks like it was sculpted that way by a master sculptor.
She has broad shoulders and a massive, powerful chest that extends all of the way to those biceps that are so incredibly strong and powerful, and could easily hold you down and take whatever they wanted from you.

Angela is at her best when she is standing up. Not only is her clit very prominent, something that we’ll explore more in detail in a moment, but you can see all of the areas of her body that she has worked so hard to tighten and make rock hard. Her arms are like steel bars, with powerful biceps and triceps and strong, dominant forearms. Her pelvis has the perfect U-shape definition running from her belly button to both sides of her hips. Her legs are sleek, powerful and graceful, with long, elegant muscles that fit together perfectly. Her skin is a golden shade that does not appear to have a single blemish on it anywhere. This is basically the perfect woman.

Her huge Clit

Angela Salvagno Clitoris

Angela Salvagno Clitoris

Let’s talk about Angela’s clitoris. This thing is massive. When she is standing with her hips slightly apart, you can see it hanging down between her legs, noticeable from even far away. The pussy around it is pink and brown and the layers of the hood are arranged so that that huge clitoris can get all of the stimulation that it could want from a willing tongue or a hard, thrusting cock. This clitoris is something to see. It’s about the size of her pinkie finger, and thick enough to take up all of the available space in front of her cunt. That beautiful site is accentuated by the elegant muscles of her hips surrounding it.

Enormous Tits

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As for Angela’s tits, they are really great too. They look like two bags of milk, swollen up and sticking out, with hard, brown nipples and smooth skin. These tits are a massive 38D and you’ll love every single inch of them. They are so prominent because there isn’t an ounce of fat on this woman anywhere, and particular not around her chest area. There is just the muscle, bone and a great pair of tits.

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